About Taos

There is far too much to say about this incredibly rich area of the world. The food. The culture. The history. The people. The natural beauty. Instead of attempting to describe what can only be experienced, I’ll guide you to a few good websites that can describe Taos and Northern New Mexico. Websites are limited though; there is no substitute for your own eyes, ears, nose, mouth and skin. Come experience this magical place for yourself.

For any help that you’ll need while you’re here, I am more than happy to guide you to some great adventures. I know river guides, ski instructors, mountain guides, mountain bike shop owners, outdoor gear shop owners, architects, natural builders, painters, potters, sculptors, gallery owners, restaurateurs, meditation teachers, yoga teachers, relationship teachers.

If it’s here, if you’re interested, I’ll find it for you.

Depending on how many days or weeks you’ll be in the area, I can suggest an itinerary that can make the best use of the time you’re here.

I’m sure you’ll fall in love with my town.

Taos has four distinct seasons. Click here to discover the best time of your for your visit. 

For the Food Lover in You! 









For the Adventurer in You! 









For the Art and Music Lover in You! 









For the Health and Wellness Lover in You!





The More You Know the Better You Feel!





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