Spring Vacation in Taos

A perfect time to visit: The cold winter days and nights have given way to warmer, dryer (and sometimes windier) days. The weather is dramatic. Warm days to explore, hike and adventure dressed in a tee shirt and maybe a sweater (just in case) and cold nights to cozy up to a fire back here in your casita. The good news is that it’s still the slower, less crowded time of year to visit Taos, and here are some great ideas for a spring visit in Taos:


  • Spring Skiing up at Taos Ski Valley
  • Soak in some hot-springs! I’ll tell you my favorites!
  • White Water Rafting the Taos Box or The Race Course. It’s high and fast water time in late spring!
  • Taos Shortz Film Festival (great short films/ super creative filmmakers from all over the world gather here in March!)
  • Taos Pueblo – a world heritage sight!
  • The Taos Lilac Festival: In May, Taos is abloom in lilacs!   And tulips, and iris’ and and and and … That early spring feeling is in the air and in the gardens!
  • Here at Casa Gallina, the arugula, spinach and radishes are all coming ready for harvest!


The nights are getting a chill that begs for a fire in your kiva fireplace!


The height of the tourist season when Taos is in it’s glory. At it’s best!


When Taos is at it’s quietest, it’s most still, it’s most authentic.

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