yoga in the back garden!

I just received these beautiful photographs from guests who attended a yoga workshop that took place here at Casa Gallina last year. The images reminded me of just how beautiful it was having that group of inspired students/yogis here!

The Summer and Autumn months are perfect times to plan a Yoga Retreat or a Dance/Movement Workshop here at Casa Gallina! (Winter and Spring can be pretty darn beautiful too!)

Claire & Catie, the facilitators of last year’s yoga retreat,  just booked another weekend retreat for next June, of 2017, for their second Yoga retreat at Casa Gallina.  Makes me so happy to know that their beautiful energy will be back here again!  At their last retreat, it was clearly transformative for the yogis.  It was inspiring for the facilitators.  And, as I tend to be an empath, (and love to live vicariously through all my guests’ experiences), I was transformed and inspired as well!

It is such a delight to witness the transformation of guests from when they arrive here at Casa Gallina, to when they leave a few days later.v It’s like an energetic-cleansing washes over people when they spend a few days here re-connecting with themselves and with the beauty that is all around us here. A deep “remembering” seems to happen.  



preparing for a group dinner under the apple trees at Casa Gallina in Taos

preparing for a group dinner under the apple trees


A physical and a mental “slowing down” occurs. I witness this transformation happen daily with vacationers and travelers coming through the doors at Casa Gallina, but when there’s an intentional retreat here, with rituals, and classes, and meals served under the shade of the apple orchard, and fire circles, and movement, and the learning that happens through challenging one’s self, and the deep sharing that inevitably happens when a group gathers to dive deeply into their bodies/minds/spirits;  it’s another thing altogether! 

Yoga at Casa Gallina:

Claire & Catie have a website for the retreat that is still in the making, but you can check out what they do and get on their mailing list by going to their main website:  And, of course, I’ll have it posted here on my website as soon as it’s up and running.

Tango at Casa Gallina:

This month, an exciting young tango teacher from Buenos Aires is coming to Taos and Casa Gallina to hold two days of tango workshops. Her name is Raquel Makow. My niece Antonia, who just came back from a year living and dancing in Buenos Aires invited her to come share her wisdom, her techniques and her passions about tango with us all!  It will be on June 22 and June 24. Here is a link to a Facebook page that talks about Raquel and the workshops.

Please come join us for what promises to be a great few days of dancing!




a slow vacation in Taos, New Mexico  under the weeping willow!

a slow vacation – under the weeping willow!



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